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Hey there! I`m Bernd. I run a market research company and am based in Vienna, Austria. Europe, that is. Since I’m based here this website is mostly in German. But since my clientel expands internationally now, I want to give you a quick summary about me and my company.

I studied Sociology and founded my company about two years ago. I can do all the standard market research stuff you would need as long as it is based on surveys. Apparently market research can mean something different abroad. I conduct online surveys myself and work with partners for face-to-face and/or telephone interviews. This means I can do stuff like the following for you:

  • Designing questionnaires
  • Conducting online, face-to-face and telephone interviews
  • Clean and prepare your data for further analysis
  • Analyse your data: Descriptive analysis, significance testing, advanced analytics like regressions, factor analyses, segmentation, driver analyses and more…
  • Generate comprehensive reports to make sense of your data
  • Live Surveys (real-time monitoring of really any kind of data; german example here)
  • Online-Dashboards like my worldwide Corona-Dashboard

If you are interested in one of my services just write me a quick message to bernd [at] marktforschung-schmidl.at or use the form below.

Now that we have the boring stuff behind us: I’m passionate about baseball. I play it myself and like to think about every aspect of it. From „Who has the perfect swing“ and „Angel Hernandez! What is hapenning?“ all the way to what the probability was that the Astros had 1 swing and a miss off Kershaw`s breaking balls in 2017 or how much money every team spent for each win in 2019.

Right now I’m bouncing around some ideas to give overviews and projections about the baseball season that are not based on the stats we all know. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stats, also the advanced stats, but I think sometimes the knowledge of fans, journalists, coaches, players etc. are underestimated compared to all the „hard facts“ of batting averages and wins above replacement etc.

So if you are interested in thinking about baseball this way let me know. or write directly to bernd [at] marktforschung-schmidl.at

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